The Great Pain Deception

"Pain and most of our health problems, including fatigue, skin, and digestive disorders, are the result of hidden tension within the mind-body due to the demands on our lives to be good, push harder, make everyone happy, never fail—to be perfect."


What Conditions Represent MBS/TMS?

Many people want to know, how can I decipher whether my health condition is a mind-body syndrome or a disorder for which I need to seek other medical help? You should always see your doctor to rule out infections, fractures, cancer, tumors, and nerve compression before starting a MBS/TMS Program. This blog is for information… Continue reading What Conditions Represent MBS/TMS?


Relationship Between The Mind And Body

Repressed unconscious emotions set off bodily reactions that trigger pain in muscles, nerves and tendons. The cure is to face and unscramble the hidden emotional issues.