Writing Away the Pain

Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_124Time.com recently reported on a fascinating study about how to write away your pain.

In the mind-body classes I took with Dr. Howard Schubiner in Southfield, MI in 2007, this technique, otherwise known as “fast writing” or “free-writing” was one of the most powerful techniques used in the class. Schubiner titled it “The Write-Away Process.”

Writing as fast as you can for a scheduled length of time (usually 20 minutes) allows buried emotions to surface. Emotions that are causing stress and tension in your body.

You don’t worry about punctuation, appearance, spelling or grammar. You don’t cross out or erase words, worry about how the writing looks or concern yourself with logic. Your goal is to write as fast as you can in a healthy effort to stop censoring your thoughts and  emotions.  Only then will you uncover the truth of your subconscious and get to the tension that is causing you pain.

It is, indeed, a way to make use of the mind-body connection to heal yourself. It is a powerful tool for both self-exploration and transformation.

Recently, Elizabeth Broadbent and colleagues at the University of Auckland in New Zealand, asked 49 healthy seniors, aged 64 to 97, to use this fastwriting practice. For three days, half the group wrote for 20 minutes about traumatic events in their lives. They were encouraged to share as many emotions as possible. The other half of the group wrote for 20 minutes but were instructed to avoid sharing their feelings, beliefs and opinions.

Two weeks after the writing exercise, Broadbent and her colleagues, using local anesthesia, took small skin biopsies that left wounds on the arms of the participants. Then they photographed the wounds every 3 to 5 days until the wounds were healed.

Eleven days after the biopsy, 76% of the group that had written about trauma had fully healed while only 42% of the other group had.

I can share from my own experience that what comes to the surface during uncensored writing is absolutely profound and fascinating. I had been through ten years of therapy in my early years, and I still learned things about myself that I didn’t know when I was fast writing and not censoring myself like I did when I sat across from a shrink. It was a perfect way to release stress and tension that had built up in my body, causing me to experience pain.

Are you brave enough to try? Are you ready? Get your notebook, find a comfortable place to write, set a timer for 20  minutes and engage the process using the following two statements:

My feelings about me and_________________ include________________

My understanding about me and ___________ include________________

You use these two sentences every time you use fastwriting. It’s helpful to do this exercise at least once a day.

At the end of your scheduled writing time, write the following affirmation three times:

I am relieved to be able to express these feelings.

After doing this exercise, respond on this blog and share with us what has happened to your pain. Or what changes you might have made in your life after understanding yourself better.

To Read more about the study: http://healthland.time.com/2013/07/13/how-writing-heals-wounds-of-both-the-mind-and-body/#ixzz2ZK4gFuCz

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