Move Your Fears

Mindbody (MBS/TMS) pain can be excruciating. As a result, we stop moving our bodies due to pain and fear of injury. But it’s important to know that exercise and movement will not physically hurt us. In fact, moving our bodies helps overcome yet another mindbody fear.

That is not to say the body pain isn’t real. For many the pain can feel like the throb of a nerve. But those of us who suffer mindbody pain must realize that we will not injure ourselves structurally by moving our bodies more. That fear keeps us tottering on the edge of terror. We must resume activities that were once commonplace.

Without a doubt, MBS/TMS pain originates in the mind not in the muscles, tendons, nerves and body.

The thought of moving more feels like jumping off an 80 foot cliff but in reality, we must take control and let our mind know that movement and exercise will not hurt us and will give us the confidence needed to overcome this condition.

Once again, our brain is trying to protect us from injury, but the brain is simply wrong about movement. We need to move to get better. Activity will cause our fears to scurry into oblivion like a nightmare at dawn. We must find the courage to stand up to our fears.

However, we can’t “exercise”, thinking it will rid us of MB pain. Exercise will never permanently “fix” mindbody pain. It can help our bodies function more efficiently, but pain or overweight from eating disorders (as discussed in the last post) will return if we have not found peace in our mind.

It can’t be denied that exercise, increased movement, and decreased consumption of food burns fat and helps our organs function more productively. The end result of exercise usually finds us feeling more vibrant and energetic. We all know intellectually that exercise and movement are good for the body.

In short, the concept that we must get up and move more is difficult to digest for those whose body hurts. But its a necessary part to mindbody healing. We don’t want to rush off to run a 5K if we’ve been a couch potato for months, especially if we suffer with fibromyalgia. Our muscles are week, deconditioned and need to slowly be reconditioned or we’ll exacerbate our pain and become discouraged in the program.

Most experts suggest you walk a few steps the first day, then slowly increase it from steps to a block within time.

Walk only one block for a week and then increase it to one and one-half blocks or two blocks and so on. Start slowly and take it slowly. But make yourself move with the knowledge that overall mindbody pain will not hurt you structurally. In fact, it will help because that is one more way to overcome mindbody fears that hold you back.